Durazzo-Cattaneo Adorno Palace The Durazzo-Cattaneo Adorno Palace is located in Via del Campo at number 12 in the historic center of Genoa. The building is registered in the list of Genoa’s Rolli Palaces.
Built on land that was part of the noble abode of the Savignoni family, in 1664 it came to be owned by Cesare Durazzo, elected doge of the Republic of Genoa in the subsequent year.
Durazzo-Cattaneo Adorno Palace In the 18th century, it was renovated according to the plan of Giovanni Battista Storace who designed a rococo facade for it facing the sea with a marble balcony on the second noble floor. In 1797, the building, composed of four floors with the ground floor destined for commercial use, belonged to Pietro Durazzo and in 1808, to Stefano Durazzo.
Durazzo-Cattaneo Adorno PalaceThe realization of via Carlo Alberto (now via Antonio Gramsci) in 1835 unified the building with seaward structure incorporating via Sottoripa la Scura which separated them. The stairwell was moved on this occasion and the internal distribution changed. In 1871, it became property of the Marquis Lazzaro Negrotto, who kept two floors for himself and, upon his death, passed to his wife Teresa Pallavicini.
Durazzo-Cattaneo Adorno Palace The facade overlooking via del Campo has a strongly emphasized horizontal quality featuring windows with alternating triangular and semicircular tympana, a corbelled cornice and a marble portal with decorative panels in the recess of the jamb. The facades underwent meticulous conservational restoration between 2000 and 2001.

Source: Wikipedia